New collections full of harmony, connection and joy. Collections that fill new spaces with life: spaces that unite, create bonds and forge relationships.


Let yourself be inspired by collections that delve into relief stones, as well as a wide catalog of finishes, textures and colors capable of solving any ceramic need: from timeless basics, through proposals where decorative intention is what is important.


Level is an innovative porcelain tile with high relief and spectacular depth that gives the piece great realism. Its ceramic collections in 20 × 60 cm reproduce in the most faithful way materials such as stones, woods and facing brick walls making the difference of the spaces, with the unique advantages offered by ceramics.


The Block 20mm line by El Molino is a porcelain floor that combines modernity and functionality. Collections of special thickness floor tile in 60x60x2 cm and 60x120x2 cm with high technical performance and excellent natural aesthetics, ideal for use outdoors and indoors