3 February, 2021



Ceramic tiles have evolved with technology to generate results that they suppose almost exact reproductions of natural elements. In this case we focus on the stone trend as a safe bet to create a unique interior design. According to the report “Trends in ceramic surfaces 20/21”, by the Ceramic Observatory of the Institute of Ceramic Technology (OTH), we can observe how minimalism and the search for calm and tranquility represent fundamental aspects within the decorative trends of this year. Likewise, they also highlight the reproduction of materials that evoke sustainable lifestyles and an approach towards nature. That is why at El Molino we are committed to various proposals to make home a unique space.

Bulnes collection

The use of a range of ground colors, together with beige and white, generates a natural texture that evokes a space full of life and light. This type of ceramic stone involves a search for craftsmanship and natural aesthetics. Bulnes is a safe bet for all kinds of stays we want to reach calm and tranquility

Tarraco collection

From a more aesthetic and contemporary perspective we present Tarraco, inspired by the limestone elegance: spaces with a decorative simplicity that help comfort and purity. Monochrome finishes together with the warm tones of the wood  create a perfect combination between modern and traditional.

Magma collection

Characterized by an irregular surface, Magma is a riskier bet that will offer each space a unique personality. The use of natural soft colors offers a greater aesthetic style, combining modernity with the usual feeling of the stone. This style of collections evokes a feeling of comfort, key for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The use of stones in the decoration of spaces is the best way  to create different stays and unique results.

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