Ceramic with metal look: design with rusty character and gradient colours

5 November, 2022



For the most daring projects here comes one of the most modern trends: gradients, designs that imitate materials such as stones or metallic materials to create a rust effect. At El Molino we propose several collections to create spaces with personality.

Hive, Bengala and Bolsoi are the three metal-look collections par excellence. Hive stands out for its hexagonal shapes, similar to the cells of a honeycomb, and for its satin porcelain that perfectly imitates copper and bronze. Both metals, with their semi-darkened tone, are a highly visual addition to a project with personality.

Bengala resembles weathered iron and copper. Its imitation of the passage of time in these metals is very remarkable, a design that fits in seamlessly to create cosy bathrooms and living rooms. You will enjoy colours that will win you over.

Beyond the gradients, if you want a solid design based on steel and copper, Bolsoi collection is what you are looking for. It is another porcelain tile with a metallic finish and elongated pyramidal reliefs. With this material you will give an industrial look to any room where you place it. Its main attraction is the finishes which have deep and elegant colours that stand out in well-lit spaces.

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