Connect with nature through ceramics

9 May, 2022



Wood and stone are highly valued natural materials. Their imitation in the design of ceramic tiles and wall tiles is becoming a trend that seeks to bring nature into homes and follow the idea of sustainability.

From El Molino we propose several options to turn the home into a warm and charming space.

Nature in your home

Cottage, Blend, Asturias and Irazú series are the four proposals we have to cover and pave your home and create homely and pleasant spaces.
Starting with the Irazú series, this porcelain tile with a matte finish and a strong resemblance to stones such as anthracite, automatically transports us to the rockiest areas of our land. Placing it on the terrace or at the entrance of a home is a great success that makes an impact both visually and to the touch.

Asturias collection also imitates rocks in light brown tones. With rectangular shapes and different levels this series fits perfectly in spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms or even bathrooms.

Finally if the aim is to imitate wood Cottage and Blend collections are the perfect choice. Cottage is a perfect series for floor til and creating cosy spaces with volume thanks to its tonality and reliefs. And Blend, a versatile collection ideal for creating balanced environments with personality, thanks to the fusion between wood and cement, characteristic of this ceramic tile.

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