Innovation and technology 4.0

30 January, 2023



At El Molino we continue to innovate and improve our production processes in order to remain committed to the design and exceptional quality of our products. In recent years we have invested in 4.0 technology, in the most cutting-edge technological advances and where all processes, in favour of quality, have been regulated by ISO 9001.

Recently, and in order to continue optimising our work and adjusting to the needs of the most demanding markets in the five continents, we have incorporated two new machines to our enamelling plants.

The Kerajet S-7 printer, designed to obtain high printing resolutions and the possibility of applying more effects, giving the print more richness in the reproduction of details; and the K-10 Bar, which allows high discharge in injection and opens in EL Molino a new path for the development of ceramic pieces with a higher added value.

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