5 June, 2023



With summer just around the corner, the idea of having a terrace with a pool is becoming more and more appealing. In this post, we dive into the exciting world of outdoor ceramics, exploring the creation of a spectacular outdoor project: a pool and a terrace. Discover how this combination of elements creates an oasis of relaxation and rest, enriched by the magic of ceramics.

The terrace is the perfect place to relax, socialng ceramic tilize and enjoy the sun. Therefore, it is important when choosies for outdoors to be sure that they are able to withstand inclement weather, such as temperature changes, rain and intense solar radiation, without losing their charm or deteriorating. To achieve excellence in this project, from the mill we propose the following collections.

Sussex: A chic ceramic tile for walls

Sussex is the ideal choice for a modern and chic but casual terrace. The facing brick has the ability to create elegant spaces blending perfectly with the house as well as with the most natural corners. In this case, its design combined with its stone tones make the space a functional and different place capable of captivating the eye.

Hamburg: calm and distinction

The perfect match for the Sussex is the Hamburg series. This is an excellent choice for adorning outdoor spaces where a soft and delicate visual effect is desired. But at the same time, its stone-inspired design bathed in neutral tones has the ability to adapt to a wide variety of spaces, making it versatile.

Next to the terrace, the pool stands as an element of tranquility and serenity, as well as having the power to completely transform an outdoor space. In this project, ceramics play a key role in creating a stunning pool. Aspects such as color, design, shape and the degree of compatibility with the choice of the terrace will be decisive in creating the dream space.

Kuta: a choice with personality and tasteful

The Kuta collection stands out for the personality and distinction of its design. Its colors and textures provide a sense of serenity and tranquility. Blue is commonly associated with water and sky, while brown is reminiscent of earth and nature. The fusion of these tones creates a balanced and attractive aesthetic that adapts to different projects, from contemporary to rustic.

With this proposal you will not be able to say no to the possibility of having this charming space in your home and thus be able to enjoy the summer and the sun with all the possible comforts and advantages.

Find out more about our suitable collections for outdoors in our catalog of novelties.

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