At El Molino we are committed to innovation and new technologies to protect the home not only from the visible, but also from the invisible. That is why we have created Safesure Antibacterial, a treatment that has arrived to transform the ceramic sector and protect you and your loved ones, which, when applied to ceramic tiles, eliminates bacteria by blocking their development and interrupting their life cycle. In this way, up to 99.9% of ceramic surfaces are sanitised to make spaces safe 24 hours a day from bacterial agents. It’s not magic, it’s nanotechnology.


NEXT, first antibacterial collection by El Molino

For El Molino home means refuge. A refuge to rest, disconnect, be yourself and enjoy with the people we love the most. And today, more than ever, we are convinced that it is the safest space for this thanks to the new NEXT collection, now available on the market. A new porcelain series that incorporates the Safesure Antibacterial treatment, which makes it possible to create modern and totally hygienic spaces. Available in the formats 45.5 X 90.0 and 60.0 X 60.0 cm and in the colours Ivory, Bone, Grey, Taupe and Anthracite, NEXT is the ideal series for creating versatile projects, thanks to its use for both flooring and cladding. Undoubtedly, a collection ready to take care of the home in the face of the invisible 99.9%.

In addition, Safesure Antibacterial has several advantages that make the NEXT collection a high performance product thanks to its total and permanent protection on the surface of the tile and its non-toxicity, i.e. free of toxic substances for people. Also, thanks to the antibacterial treatment, the life of the product is extended, preventing tile degradation and reducing unpleasant odours. And, another great advantage is that Safesure Antibacterial does not affect the aesthetics of the product, so its initial design is preserved. NEXT is a multi-purpose product that can be adapted to any type of environment and helps to stop the proliferation of bacteria, creating hygienic, healthy and safe spaces.


ZENIA Y VELA, two new series to join the Safesure Antibacterial catalogue

Wood as a reference in Zenia, a versatile series that allows you to combine its different pieces to create original spaces with the warm touch of wood and that, thanks to the Safesure Antibacterial treatment, protects the home against the invisible by 99.9%.


Vela, a series that takes up the ceramic mosaic tradition and that possesses the characteristics of protection thanks to the Safesure Antibacterial treatment. A series in blue shades and classic geometries devised for use in wet areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms and exteriors.


The invisible with El Molino, more controlled than ever.