Stylish collections for projects with personality

5 August, 2021



At El Molino we know how important it is to imbue each project with one’s own personality in order to create a pleasant atmosphere and feel comfortable with the space over time. For this reason, we have selected five collections, Padua, Soften, Blend, Canyon and Kenzo, which are characterised by their very personal designs so that architects, interior designers and designers can give character to their next projects.

Padua is a ceramic terrazzo with fragments of different stones, mixing colours and giving it a natural look. Unfashionable, modern, but capable of adapting to different styles.

A collection to create a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the satin finish of the pieces that invites to the touch. With an organic decor that gives it a fresh and vivid touch, Soften is ideal for bathrooms or spas.

Blend means mixture, combination, like this design. A multi-material collection that combines concrete and wood, designed for any residential and contract space, indoors and outdoors.

A series that stands out for its volumes and high relief. Canyon presents a ceramic stone with a rustic appearance, but with a softened finish thanks to its colour palette. It is ideal for contemporary spaces, both for interiors and façades.

Kenzo collection is a ceramic marble with a gloss finish, which imposes its strength, nobility and elegance in interior spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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