ZENIA y NEXT: the new collections with antibacterial treatment ready to protect the home against the invisible

9 November, 2021



At El Molino we continue to make progress so that your home is more protected than ever. That is why we are launching our second SAFESURE ANTIBACTERIAL collection that will allow you to create totally hygienic and balanced spaces thanks to its use for floors and walls. A porcelain series available in a single format and four colours ready to fit in the most demanding projects.

A versatile collection that takes wood as a reference and allows you to combine its different pieces to create original spaces with warm touches.

Next, a series prepared for all types of projects and which has the characteristics of ceramic tiles and a plus of protection thanks to the Safesure Antibacteria treatment incorporated in the tile, turning spaces into safe areas for 24 hours against bacterial agents. A porcelain series ideal for floors and walls, achieving visual unity.

SAFESURE ANTIBACTERIAL controls and eliminates up to 99.9% of microbial growth on a ceramic surface, blocking the growth of bacteria by interrupting their life cycle.

When bacteria come into contact with the surface of the treated tiles, they begin to block the metabolism of the bacteria preventing their life cycle.

  • Active 24 hours a day
  • Tested in both dark and light.
  • Effective on the surface.
  • Permanent, integrated into the product.
  • Durable over time for the entire lifetime of the ceramic product.

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