Ceramic pools: shades and color of water

3 February, 2021



The colour of the water in a pool is partly determined by the tone of the tiles chosen, so it is a fundamental issue when designing a pool. Water absorbs long wavelength frequencies more easily – such as red or orange – than short wavelength frequencies – such as blue – or short wavelengths that are not absorbed by the water bounce off and our eyes catch those blue tones.  This effect increases with other factors such as water depth, light and the environment. Pools deeper than 50 cm will result in a much darker colour. Conversely, pools with a shallower depth, located in open spaces and with direct sunlight, will generate a much lighter colour.  The different colours of El Molino’s ceramic mosaic help us to nuance the different natural shades of the water. We can choose from more traditional and simple designs, to much more risky initiatives that allow you to make your pool a unique space.


Starting with the more traditional effects of the mosaic we find the blue. The pools with strong and vibrant blue tones generate a refreshing water tone.

Collection: Marea Cobalto 33,3X33,3cm
Collection: Egeo Cobalto 33,3X33,3cm
Colllection: Índico Mix 33,3X33,3cm


The use of the colour green provides a relaxing and natural effect, something that is accentuated if the pool is surrounded by vegetation. The green tones make the water reflect a heavenly turquoise colour like the collection Aqua Decor Verde y Aqua Verde 33,3X33,3cm.


With the use of the white mosaic, we get an intense Caribbean blue water, and if we want to get a more sophisticated result, we can combine different colors on a beige base.


With the red mosaic we get a totally transparent color, so more and more we find pools with this design. Although it is a bold bet offers a great personality and differentiation to our pool. 

Therefore, thanks to the different types of tiles we can design the pool that best suits our style, without forgetting that there are other factors that also influence the color of the water. Download our general catalogue to consult all the collections for swimming pools.

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