18 April, 2023



The arrival of summer is synonymous with enjoying the open air and the outdoor spaces of our home. To prepare our outdoor area for this time of the year, it is important to take into account a series of aspects that will ensure a pleasant and lasting experience. In this post, from El Molino, we tell you the importance of choosing quality ceramic tiles both for the swimming pool and for the outdoor paving and cladding.

In the case of the swimming pool, it is essential to choose non-slip ceramic tiles that prevent slips and falls. In addition, these tiles must be highly resistant to water and the chemical products used for maintenance, such as chlorine. In this sense, ceramic tiles offer great durability and resistance, making them the most recommended option for paving a swimming pool.

3 outdoor collections you won’t be able to take your eyes off of

The Jakarta collection, for example, is one of the most powerful collections due to its versatility for this type of wet spaces such as swimming pools, but also for creating continuous environments. With an unparalleled graphic variety, it allows different designs to be designed through its pieces depending on their placement. A second option for wellness areas is Florencia: a collection with slate-like and smooth pieces, which create an effect of total calm thanks to its soft colours and elegant design.

As for the outdoor flooring and cladding, it is important to choose ceramic tiles that are resistant to moisture and sunlight. These tiles must be able to withstand temperature changes and exposure to UV rays without losing their properties and colour. In addition, it is essential that they are easy to clean and maintain, to ensure their long-term durability.

In this case we highlight Hamburg, the series par excellence for exteriors. A 20 mm thick imitation stone model, perfect for the garden, which attracts all the attention due to its similarity to this natural material that beautifies the environment.

In short, choosing quality ceramic tiles is essential to prepare our outdoor area for the summer. At El Molino we have a wide variety of high quality ceramic tiles, specifically designed to resist the inclemency of the weather and offer a pleasant and long-lasting experience. In addition, our team of experts will advise you at all times so that you can choose the best option for your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to visit us and discover everything we can offer you to enjoy the summer outdoors!

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