Safesure antibacterial: safe and protected spaces

3 May, 2023



A healthy lifestyle has emerged as a global trend in recent years. A way based on adopting habits that contribute to the balance and improvement of body and mind alike.

It highlights the recent concern for eating a balanced diet, practicing sports, using eco-friendly products and taking care of the home as a healthy living environment.

An anti-bacterial treatment that protects up to 99.9% against external agents

In order to guarantee safe homes, El Molino has launched Safesure Antibacterial, a range of products with anti-bacterial treatment that ensures the elimination of up to 99.9% of surface bacteria.

It works by progressively eliminating existing bacteria by interrupting their life cycle. Thanks to the reduction of bacteria on the tile, it turns any space into a safe environment against external agents and with a long service life.

Below, we propose three collections of products ideal for building a home in line with this need while maintaining aesthetics and taste.


Next: a range of nude colors to create cozy and authentic spaces

The Next series combines the characteristics of ceramics with the protection assured by the treatment incorporated in the tile. Its pieces can be used for both flooring and cladding, which makes them adaptable to any space, depending on the need. The colors offered in this range are earth tones and grays, ideal for bathing the environment in calm and peace.


Vela: a collection for swimming pools that architects and interior designers are in love with

Vela is the perfect collection for use in wet areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms and exteriors. It offers pieces with traditional ceramic designs that allow the design of creative projects depending on their placement.


Zenia: original corners with warm and creative nuances.

Using wood as a reference, Zenia offers versatile designs that can be combined to create spaces with personality. The pieces are dressed in neutral tones, except for the Zenia Decor Mix model. This is characterized by the use of diagonal lines, integrating the above tones and giving it a different touch with the color blue.


Discover much more in our catalog, where you can find a wide variety of products to complement your projects in harmony with Safesure and create wellness spaces.

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